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Subject: CRYONICS: Re: Cosenza's question
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 1994 19:51:06 -0700 (PDT)

> However, one statement I would question you on: Jerry's "advocating" 
> cryonics.  There is a difference between advocacy and stating that 
> something is a reasonable thing to do.  In my over 10 years of 
> association with him I don't think I EVER heard Jerry advocate cryonics 
> to any one at any time.  I could be wrong and perhaps others will put 
> their 2 cents worth in.

As far as I know, aside from what was published in Cryonics Magazine, the 
only documentation of Jerry's advocacy of cryonics to non-cryonicists was 
an interview he gave which was published in "Ano Cero" a popular Spanish
science magazine very similar to Omni, but more serious. If you don't have 
a copy and want one, I'm sure Alcor can provide you with one.

BTW- The original thread was on involvement by non-cryonicists and paid
help. Here's a worry of mine that hasn't been mentioned: persons who
have a pessimistic estimate of our chances might be inclined to abandon
and/or not strongly defend patients when they need the backup. Afterall,
if one thinks that a frozen person has a very small chance of being
potentially alive, then it's easier to give up than to take any kind of
stand for them. For this reason alone, I REALLY want fanatics to see me
off to the future!

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