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Date: Mon, 04 Jul 94 18:01:08 EDT
Subject: SCI. CRYONICS clarify sheep 

Previously I reported that Drs. Pichugin and Zhegunov had completed the first
phases of duplication of the Cryonics Institute freeze/thaw experiments with
sheep heads, testing the results of our washout and perfusion procedures
without freezing, and that the details, including microscopic examination and
some of the photos, will be published in THE IMMORTALIST August issue, mailed
around the middle of July or a little after; and that the full set of photos
will be made available to interested parties.

I also reported that they have sent a brief, initial report on results after
cooling to liquid nitrogen temperature and rewarming, and that they confirm
no visible cracking of any tissues, suggesting that our very slow cooling and
rewarming does indeed prevent cracking (at least at the naked eye level)
without cryoprotectant. What I did not make clear was that this phase did not
involve perfusion. (The idea of the phases, of course, is to compare results
with some of the variables isolated.) A full report of this phase, with
microscopic examination, will be forthcoming in due course.

The next phase has now begun--duplicating the full Cryonics Institute
procedure, including washout, perfusion, cooling to liquid nitrogen
temperature, rewarming, and washout of glycerol. 

Robert Ettinger

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