X-Message-Number: 2856
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 1994 11:07:14 +1000
From:  (Kitty te Riele)
Subject: CRYONICS fear of abuse

My friend has been interested in cryonics for a while and has recently
decided to act on this interest. I have thought about it myself, and am
interested but I still have one major worry. 

It seems to me that being in suspension is just about the most vulnerable
position to be in, and suspension patients depend entirely on the goodwill
and sense of responsibility  of others for respectful and caring treatment.
My fear is that as a suspension patient I may be subjected to abuse, a
horrifying thought to me, especially because I would not have any control.
Perhaps I will be used for experimentation (scientists now use animals for
experimentation, how can I expect to be treated better by people/creatures
of the future?). More vividly than that I can imagine being physically
abused by an opportunistic individual. 

I realise that fears are subjective, but hope that other people may have
thoughts that can assist me. Perhaps some of you (especially women?) have
had similar fears and can tell me how you dealt with them.  

Kitty te Riele,
via the Cryonet, my own e-mail address, or:
PO Box 190, Glebe, NSW 2037, Australia

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