X-Message-Number: 28603
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 16:00:57 -0500
From: "Kevin Q. Brown" <>
Subject: Regina Pancake - Your Mailbox Is Full

[ Normally I do not send a private message to a public forum,
   but when multiple private emails fail, due to a full mailbox,
   I must use alternate means.  Of course, I would never think
   of using the phone... - KQB ]


I appreciate the thoughtful messages you have sent to CryoNet.
There is a technical problem, though.  Your mailbox is full.

The CryoNet software automatically unsubscribes an email address
after about eight bounces and it just sent me notification that
your email address was unsubscribed due to excessive bounces.

I also discovered that my three private messages to you,
starting October 18, all had bounced due to a full mailbox.
I was trying to tell you that the correct posting address
for CryoNet is "", not "".

Since your mailbox apparently has been full since October 18,
I assume that you have been reading CryoNet via the web
or another subscribed email address that does _not_ have a
full mailbox.  Otherwise, even this posting would never
reach you.

To fix the problem, please remove enough email from your
mailbox that it will not fill up again soon and then resubscribe
to CryoNet by sending email to ""
with the subject line "subscribe".  Thanks!

Kevin Q. Brown

(To reach me personally, send email to" " and
include "cryonics" or "CryoNet" in the subject line.
To post to CryoNet, send email to ""
and use whatever subject line is appropriate for the message.)

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