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Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 08:01:57 EST
Subject: Defending the constitution from the extreme right website

Hello, Dear Cryoneters:
This is Rudi Hoffman from Daytona.
Readers of this BB may be interested in a very nicely done and effective  
website that I have discovered.
Cryonet has been rife lately with posts that are not posts, but references  

to other sites.  I don't want to add to this trend, but at least this is  not a
post saying, "Cryonet is lame and non-threaded...go to MY cryonics BB for  
some REAL content!" LOL.
It is
_ (mailto:) 
You will want to make up your own mind, but these folks are doing a  terrific 
job IMO to defend the values some/most of us on this list hold  dear.  

These would include separation of church and state,  individual choice in 

matters of religion, maintaining the integrity of science  education in the face
of extremist religious zealots, and encouraging  science research by helping 
stem cell research to remain non-criminalized.   

The site can do a better explanation than I have here, but you get the  idea. 
There is also a Frappr map, a wonderful concept that the cryonics community  
was exploring aggressively for a while, which needs to be promoted and  
So, in the spirit of "one concept per posting," I will end here.  With  my 
endorsement of this website and the important efforts they are making to  

balance some VERY powerful interests whose values and behaviors are potentially
dangerous to cryonicists and life extensionists.
Respectfully Submitted,

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