X-Message-Number: 28618
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 08:11:41 -0800
From: Regina Pancake <>
Subject: cryonics CryoFeast

*Come join us in celebrating another successful year of life!*
*You're invited to the annual: *CryoFeast!

*(A.K.A. The Turkey Roast, BBQ and Pot Luck)*
*Once a year, Alcor cryonicists from around the Southern California 
area, gather together and have a fabulous party. What better way to meet 
and mingle with optimistic futurists from every walk of life! This is 
your opportunity to get answered all those nagging questions like:  who 
are these people?  And  What's with the ice?  Bring a bathing suit and 
towel if you feel like a dip in the pool or hot tub. *


      *Location: Rhino Rojo Rancho*
      *10025 Calle Plumarosa
      La Atun Canyon, CA 91235 USA*

*Our gracious hosts who have volunteered their private home are: Amy Alegria
and Earl Ricardo Von Loboescudo*
*You'll be met with open arms and warm greetings*


      *Date: Saturday, December 2^nd 2006 *


      *Time: 2:P.M. till 10:P.M. or until you can drive again*


      *RSVP to :_*

*And/or call 310.795.0141*
*and coordinate with Regina Pancake on what you will bring for the pot 
luck, so as to avoid embarrassing amounts of any one food group.

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