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Subject: Interstellar space travel>"suspended animation">cryonics....


  Hi:    ......Over at the space.com discussion board I have been involved in a 
  speculative thread about interstellar travel "Re: I demand a space armada in 
  my lifetime"....Somehow, I could not resist the logical input of suspended 
  animation into the topic along with a link to the recent National Geographic 
  cryonics documentary...

  Afterwards, there was the response below from "docm" that I thought would be 
  of interest to other cryonet readers....Anyone interested in joining the 
  typefest at space.com may do so by going to "discussion boards">"mission & 
  launches">"I demand a space armadain my lifetime"    .....Best Regards!  ~JBK
11/02/06 02:11 AM

  Cryonics in the sense of freezing a body solid is not feasable, but other 
  methods are coming to bear. 

One interesting bit of recent research shows that mice placed in an atmosphere 
with H2S (hydrogen sulfide; the rotten egg smell) at a level of 80ppm and 
simultaneously lowering the O2 level drastically allowed the body core 
temperature to be lowered to just 11 C, reducing O2 use by 10x. 

H2S inhibits one of the enzymes in the electron transport chain, slowing down 
cell respiration to the point of near stasis. Take away the H2S, restore the O2 
& heat and the little critters wake up and do their mouse thing again. 

Very interesting since mice do not normally hibernate, and mice are a very good 
analog for what should work in humans. 

With the advent of synthetic blood substitutes/supplements (some with the 
ability to carry 50x the O2 content of haemoglobin) we may be in the midst of a 
revolution in suspended animation. 


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