X-Message-Number: 28620
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 00:32:07 -0700
Subject: Helping Rudi Out Here, Maybe He Will Help Us

I noted with interest the post Rudi made earlier today (at the moment in 
the queue, not sure what message number it will be).  It could very well be 
that the particular flavor of political stance that website offers, is most 
conducive to the success of cryonics.  I hope Rudi realizes there are a lot 
of varying political views among cryonicists, and some folks will no doubt 
disagree with him and the website to which he referred.

I will help Rudi out here, regardless, by mentioning that he posted a "mail 
to" link rather than a website link.  A useable link to the website he was 
citing is:


Now maybe Rudi can help us with something.  It has been two weeks now since 
I asked him to clarify his company's present/proposed "reanimation fund" 
offering, vis a vis whatever Alcor apparently is offering (still no 
tangible and official information from Alcor, either, other than a speech 
at a conference).  So, I ask again:

  >Tell us what (Alcor) had to say about their new
  >Reanimation Fund (at their conference).  You've already talked about the 
idea - you were going to
  >do one yourself, I believe.  How's that coming along?  Or is it the same as
  >Alcor's?  Or did they trump yours?

I would add now:  Are you going ahead with yours as well, separately from 
Alcor's, and that would be available to non-Alcor cryonicists?

I won't repeat the enthusiasm of your original post on this.  This 
time.  But it sure is a let-down, seeing no further word.

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