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>Tell us what (Alcor) had to say about their  new
>Reanimation Fund (at their conference).  You've already  talked about the 
idea - you were going to
>do one yourself, I  believe.  How's that coming along?  Or is it the same as
>Alcor's?  Or did they trump yours?

Flavonoid wrote above.
The following is Rudi Hoffman writing.  
Thanks for your continuing interest in cryonics estate planning.
In three sections, here is my response.  
    1.  The "New" Alcor Reanimation  Trust
The Alcor based reanimation fund is, as I understand it, an individually  
funded and individually disbursed trust.  While there was some discussion  and 
presentation of this at the last Alcor conference, and Tonya Jones did a  good 
job explaining the basic concept, there was not sufficient time to gather  all 
the details.  
The idea that if we trust Alcor with our lives, we should trust them with  
our money was brought up, and this does make sense to me.  

It is my  understanding that the trust can be funded with life insurance 
and/or  assets.  And that Alcor uses the same investment advisory service and  

separate board of trustees to manage these funds that is used for the "Patient
Care Trust."  
Michael Riskin, the president of the Alcor board and an attorney, was going  
to be doing the presentation, but I believe he was ill and could not be  

there.  There was also no details provided about exactly how one could view  the
trust, or obtain answers to concerns about it.  
The impression I got was that there has been some important work that has  

occurred over several years, but that the actual trust document is not ready to
be disclosed and/or used by members as of this moment.  
I could be wrong about the above, and I will call Tonya today or next week  
to see if I can get further details on the Alcor Reanimation Trust.  
In short, this may or may not be a "ready for prime time" planning  tool.  
But one should certainly CAN and SHOULD establish a separate life  insurance 
policy which can later name this trust as partial beneficiary.
If this explanation sounds a bit "lame" (as it will to some) so be  it.  I 
have been encouraging Alcor to come up with a solid individual  reanimation 

trust for 12 years, and I am just happy that something is being  pulled together
we can all use.  
2.  The Hoffman Prototype Cryonics Trust
As I write these words, I own some 2.3 million dollars of  life insurance on 
my life.  Part of this goes to fund my Alcor  suspension, of course.  (I have 
signed with CI as a backup, and need to  restructure one of my policies to 

reflect this.) Part of the proceeds go to my  wonderful wife and partner Dawn.
And part of the proceeds currently  to two separate cryonics trusts. 
Folks, if you increase or add to your  life insurance you  can do a LOT of 
very exciting things.  You can take care of organizations  you care about, 

including ALCOR and the CRYONICS INSTITUTE with large donations  at pennies on 
dollar.  You can fund MULTIPLE trusts, in MULTIPLE  venues, for your possible 
reanimation.  You can take care of your family  and loved ones in a 
significant manner.
One of these is the Hoffman Prototype Cryonics Trust.   This was developed by 
some very high powered and very expensive estate  planning attorneys here in 
Although Florida has now joined the states that no longer  disallow 

"Perpetuity Clauses" in trusts, at the time my trust was developed  there was a 
of 360 years after the date of "death" as the limit to  the trust.
This is a type of "DYNASTY TRUST."  The dynasty trust is  "black letter law" 
in that it is solid and trusted  and historically utilized type of trust.  
This type of trust, an  IRREVOCABLE trust, has it's own tax ID number.  It has 

historically been  utilized by wealthy individuals who want to put stipulations
on the disbursement  of their funds.  A trustee manages the funds.  
As a huge additional value added service, some of  my best clients who 
qualify have been sent a redacted version of  this trust.  
3.  The Liechtenstein Reanimation Foundation
This is the foundation developed by well known ant-aging  pioneers and long 
term cryonicists W*illiam Falo*n and Sa*l K*ent.  (I  am using asterisks to 

minimize search engine hits on these names here, as a  courtesy to these admired
heroes of cryonics.)
This is a foundation designed by cryonicists, for  cryonicists. It is an 

individually funded arangement, with the amount of funds  available dependent on
the amount contributed.  
Most people using this have utilized the simple expedient of  naming this LRF 
as a partial beneficiary on their cryonics policy.  It is,  of course, 
important to have a LARGE enough policy face amount to do this.
The actual verbiage is available through Dayna Dye at LEF.   I would hope 
that anyone making inquiries of the LEF based would actually BE a  LEF and 

cryonics organization member.   Bill F. and Saul have been  good enough to make 
available to us as an option, currently as a courtesy  and at no cost to us.  

It is not my purpose to practice law here,  and I am officially and clearly 
stating that any research you do or ideas or  advice must be understood as a 
"best efforts, here is what we know"  situation.  
Because of my profession, licenses, and designations, the  potential 

liability attached to actions, information, and observations I make is  supposed
to be 
couched with legal disclaimers.  
Please consider this sentence and common sense to be all the  legal 
disclaimers required.  
If you are a good, loyal, and high value client, I WILL work  with you 
I will NOT respond publicly to any and all questions and  responses.  

Flavanoid, it is not my job to satisfy your idle  curiosity.  I DO have 
several jobs which I take very seriously, but this is  not one of them.  
Be advised that I may not respond, at least publicly, to any and  all 

questions that this or any posting may generate.  I will let shots  across my 
bow and 
aimed directly at me go unanswered, trusting the good will and  good sense of 
the majority of the cryonic community KNOWS what is  appropriate.
In closing, please know that cryonics estate planning is ALIVE  and WELL, 
although still, like cryonics itself, in the pioneering decades.
This is a LONG TERM project.  
Respectfully Submitted,
Rudi Hoffman CFP CLU ChFC

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