X-Message-Number: 2863
From:  (Robert Cardwell)
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 94 21:48:00 +1000
Subject: CRYONICS Mike Darwin's reason.

In message #2848, Mike Darwin writes, concerning Australia:
>The situation I'm speaking of unfolds like this:
>1) The country has few if any committed members and those they do have can not
>or will not work well with each other because of distance, personality
>conflicts, etc. Since Robert wishes me to very be forthright I will be so
>regarding his situation; I have talked with a couple of other Australian group
>members who say they (and this their word) HATE Robert Cardwell and who claim
>that others in the group "can't stand him either."

Let's stop right there, Mike. Your tirade was both ad hominem and a non
sequitur because:

(1) Imagine the following as a blanket dismissal of Mike: "Mike Darwin is
a terrible person. Why, I have spoken to two people who HATE Mike Darwin
and they say they know others who can't stand him either. So, there!" Now,
hands up anyone who can't see the irony in Mike himself making such an

(2) It was in response to my first message which asked two reasonable
questions, the first of which you did not answer.

My question arose as follows. You had previously written:

>I will also point out that volunteers who are not led by qualified people and
>who are not themselves qualified do a terrible job when demanding tasks are

And in response I wrote:
>Mike, I want to agree with that but: what do you call a qualified volunteer?

Please answer.

Long life,

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