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Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 19:29:55 -0800


My new animation "dandelion" is the most sequential animation that I have done. 
It was generated for the film2music competition in which registrants are asked 
to select a track from the composers cd and create a video to accompany it. 
Previous to this competition I had been busy producing "The Mark" for the 
aniboom contest. This meant that I had only a couple weeks to create and 
complete this one. As elaborate as a concept this piece was, the time line 
wasn't feasible but I crunched through nights without sleep to get it in on 
time. I just barely made it, but I made it!

So the prize for this one is not only money but meetings with a famous producer 
and agent! And this time, it's no sweat to vote, you don't have to sign up or 
register for anything, no typing at all, it's just one click and "send", okay so
technically that's two clicks, but that's all just clicks! So please come vote 
for me friends.

Come watch dandelion here - an animation about hope and faith in ones future 
dreams. Thank you all! 

'animator for hire'
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller
Nanotechnology Industries
Personal: http://www.nanogirl.com/index2.html
Animation Blog: http://maxanimation.blogspot.com/
Craft blog: http://nanogirlblog.blogspot.com/
Foresight Senior Associate http://www.foresight.org
Nanotechnology Advisor Extropy Institute  http://www.extropy.org
"Nanotechnology: Solutions for the future."

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