X-Message-Number: 2865
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 94 13:34:45 CDT
From:  (Will Dye)
Subject: CRYONICS - Please send info for the Cancer FAQ

I maintain the Cancer FAQ, which is a list of sources of information 
related to cancer.  It's posted quasi-regularly to sci.med and 
alt.support.cancer.  I'm also a relatively recent convert to cryonics.
Since the Cancer FAQ is often used by people who have just found out 
that they have an incurable disease, I'd like to include a reference 
to cryogenic organizations that allow (for a fee, of course) patients 
who have already been diagnosed & are thus ineligible for life 
insurance.  Entries to the FAQ are not limited in length, but I'd 
like the entry to be brief, if possible.  I'd just need a contact 
point, and perhaps a brief explanation. I'll gladly include a 
reference for each organization that responds to this message.


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