X-Message-Number: 28656
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 18:49:12 -0500
From: Francois <>
Subject: A bit of pure speculation

Suppose we do, someday, become immortal. Suppose also that we acquire the 
technology to create new universes in wich to migrate to escape the death of 
our current universe. It is probable that we would not simply create one new 
universe to replace our dying one, we would create vast numbers of them so 
we could continue to expand our territory and numbers. The question is, did 
this happen before? For reasons I will not go in here, it is speculated that 
natural processes may very well produce a great many universes, but most of 
them would be uninhabitable. Only a very few would have laws of physics 
allowing complex creatures like ourselves to exist. But once a universe has 
spawned creatures capable of making their own, then that limitation no 
longer exists. Obviously, such beings would make the kind of universe that 
would sustain them, millions, billions of them. And each of these universes, 
as they in turn grew old, would spawn billions of others to welcome the vast 
number of new immortals that would have been born within them, and so on, 
and so on.

The logical conclusion to this is that the number of "man made" habitable 
universes would quickly become immeasurably greater than the number of 
"natural" ones. The laws of probability would therefore lead us to conclude 
that we are almost certainly living in an artificial universe and that 
somewhere within it are the old and powerful entities that have created it. 
Would it be worth the effort to attempt to find them and communicate with 
them? Probably not. I mean, they are probably much beyond the reach of our 
primitive communication technology, and what could we possibly have to say 
to each other anyway? Btw, it does NOT follow that humans are a creation of 
these immortal entities. Sentience must always be independantly evolving in 
these arificial universes just like it first did long ago for the immortal's 
ancestors. Life goes on, and on, and on. Furthermore, our universe does not 
look like it has been transformed or adapted to better serve the needs of 
immortals as they would certainly do, although we don't know what those 
needs would be exactly. So maybe our universe is one of the few natural ones 
and we have it all to ourselves, for now. Just speculation of course, but 
still something interesting to think about.


Good health is merely the slowest
possible rate at which one can die. 

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