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From:  (Robert D Grahame)
Subject: CRYONICS (Re: Fear of Abuse)
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Date: Sat, 09 Jul 94 18:20:13  GMT

>It seems to me that being in suspension is just about the most vulnerable
>position to be in,
It is, but I personally compare it with where I would be if *not* suspended.
The possibility of something nasty happening to me is no worse than the
alternative certainty of decomposing or being cremated.

>Perhaps I will be used for experimentation
This is theoretically possible, but unless they repaired your brain first
(which will be the difficult bit) you would not be there (in any meaningful
sense) to experience it. If I was not suspended at death I would have no
problem with my remains being used my scientists for research or students for
practise. If they *can* repair the brain, then their technology will be so
far advanced that I can't see why they would want to experiment on something
they'd already mapped out and manipulated down to a subcellular level.

>More vividly than that I can imagine being physically abused
If you mean this like I think, then pre-brain-repair (a) you will have no
possible knowledge of it, and (b) at a body temperature of -196 degrees
Celsius your potential assailant had better be good at avoiding a fatal
attack of frostbite. After brain repair it's certainly no more likely than to
any other patient in a medical establishment.

>I realise that fears are subjective,
This is very true, and I apologise if any of the above sounded flipant; my
fears are more of what happens *before* I get suspended rather than what I may
experience afterwards (if anything).

>Kitty te Riele,


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