X-Message-Number: 28675
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 00:57:02 -0700
Subject: Did Despres Finally Wear Out?

All those childish and transparently-obsequious posts, to improve his 
"reputation".  Why?  Who knows, but it would not be surprising that if he 
had gained a more favorable audience, we would be again afllicted by one of 
his self-serving scam webpages.  Thanks to all for ignoring him.  Some more 
background on Despres:

His self-admitted mental illness:


The record of his discussion of his (hopefully now defunct) "cryonics 
organization" and its first failed case wherein he tried to take the money 
of a fellow whose mother was dying, and since he had no real services to 
offer, she ended up being cremated:  See posts just prior to the above one 
in the same forum, month of October 2005.

So much for any "reputation," ever.

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