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Hi:   Eric Geislinger typed:  


 var s1 = "ericg"; var s2 = "transoniq.com"; var s3 = s1 + "@" + s2; 
 document.write("" + s3 + "");       "What starts out as a fairly promising 
 movie spends the 

last half hour devolving into the usual Hollywood, pro-death  

mysticism. If your idea of life-extension is to morph into  

a tree by way of fertilizer, this is the movie for you."        


    I'm inclined to agree with Eric Geislinger about "The Fountain"...

I think the film sums up as yet another missed opportunity to get

it right as far as life extension as a concept is concerned...

The plot meanders a lot and ventures to the point of being similar 

to a color filled nightmare or a state of hallucination...

     For reasons other than my wish for a pro-extended life stance 

to be in the movie, many of the reviews and audience reactions 

about it have been negative....In fact I read that at a screening

where the director was present for a "Q & A." session after the 

showing, it didn't happen because everyone left him there by himself.

      In any case, although the attempt fell short, perhaps there are

opportunities here for life extensionists who have seen it to join 

discussions about the film on the various movie forums as well as 

sending feedback to the director, et al....Otherwise, it's not an 

entire loss, I like the screensavers that are provided at the 

official site in addition to the soundtrack...There is more 

background on "The Fountain" that may be of interest at the 

link below:





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