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Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 02:29:48 EST
Subject: My Conference Report posted on Alcor News

To CryoNet
November 28, 2006

I had mentioned to several people that I was writing a report on the Alcor 
Conference from six weeks ago.  It's finally posted on Alcor News at 

(It's my fault for the slowness, not Alcor's.)

Also, as a separate article, I was asked to summarize the participant surveys 
from the Conference, which makes an interesting counterpoint to my own 

observations.  I tried to be careful to keep my opinions separate from the 
of the opinions of others.  That article is posted right after my Conference 

Finally, I want to point out several other interesting news notes posted on 
Alcor News earlier in November.  I haven't seen any other announcements of 

-- 2006 Election Report.  Alcor political advisor Barry Aarons evaluates the 
results of the 2006 Arizona state elections.

--  An Update on Recent Progress.  A discussion (probably by Tanya Jones and 
Steve Van Sickle combined) of recent long-term planning by Alcor and of 

several positive technical improvements.  Most of these improvements were 
by Van Sickle at the recent Conference.

-- From the last Alcor Board meeting, staff reports on "Marketing and Public 
Affairs," "Membership Matters," "Patient Care," and "Research and Engineering 

Steve Bridge

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