X-Message-Number: 28697
From: "Yuriy Pichugin" <>
Subject: new Web Site
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 14:44:35 +0000

The new web site has just appeared www.ibpt.cryostasis.com . It devotes to 
cryopreservation with the use of gas hydrates. I personally am a skeptic 
about the use of gas hydrates in cryopreservation. However, welcome the 
remarkable web site!

The Russian patent RU 2 268 590 C1 (in Russian, but there is an abstract in 
English) is on the site in the Patent chapter. It devotes to 
cryopreservation of biological objects by gas hydrates. I do not believe in 
the results of the experiments that were described in the patent. I give one 
example only. The authors wrote that they rewarmed a frozen rat from -196oC 
to 0oC for 60 minutes and achieved  restoration of adequate cardiac 
activity  of the rat's heart. I am sure that was impossible! Any 
cryobiologist knows that such very rapid warming rates result in massive 
cracking tissues. Dr. Sheleg (Alcor) wrote me he supposed that the 
technology described in the patent should not be successful. He proposed a 
new technology of the use of gas hydrates in his patent application. I wish 
good luck to Dr. Sheleg and co-authors of the application.

Dr. Yuri Pichugin
Director of Research
Cryonics Institute

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