X-Message-Number: 2870
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 94 12:10:02 EDT
Subject: SCI.CRYONICS "Immortalist" mag

Since Mr. Cosenza (thank you) says  a SCI.CRYONICS reader has asked for
information about THE IMMORTALIST, perhaps others also would like to know.

THE IMMORTALIST is a monthly (about 50 pages) co-published by the Immortalist
Society and the American Cryonics Society. Material is mostly cryonics and
anti-senescence related. Annual subscription (or associate membership in the
Immortalist Society) is $25. First year includes bonus book. 

A sample issue, along with information about the Immortalist Society and the
Cryonics Institute, will be sent on request at no charge

Immortalist Society
Cryonics Institute
24443 Roanoke, Oak Park MI 48237
Phone (810) 548-9549
Phone/Fax (810) 547-2316
E-Mail <>.

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