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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 02:07:26 -0800
From: Edgar Swank <>
Subject: Comment on gas hydrate perfusion.

In CryoMessage #28697, Yuriy Pichugin is sceptical about results claimed for gas

But this is similar to an idea I have had for a long time and would like to see 
explored, gas perfusion in general.

If a gas can be used to perfuse to below the freezing point of water, and 
possibly even to just above LN2 (using N2), then cells can be cooled both 
rapidly and evenly, because the circulatory system has individual access to 
every cell in the body. Fast and even rewarming can also be accomplished if the 
circulatory system remains open in the cryopreserved state. Since individual 
cells can be frozen, kept frozen, and rewarmed to life now, cryopresrvation of 
whole organs or entire bodies would seem to be solved.

I expect the problem is to somehow displace all the liquid in the circulatory 
system because it is massively parallel and gas under pressure could find a path
around and leave a lot of liquid there. Possible solution to explore could 
include use of both pressure and suction, and varying ambient pressure either up
or down.

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