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Subject: Re:  The Fountain
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 17:45:51 -0000

A 15 year old boy is very different from a boy 15 months old. Would the 15
months version think he would rather die than become the 15 year version of
himself? Similarly a 15 year old boy is very different from a 30 year old
man. Would the 15 year old boy kill himself to avoid becoming the 30 year
old man?

Of course they would not. And neither would any sane person presented with
the prospect of immortality.

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> Subject: The Fountain, last comments
> it does ask a very important
> question. Is it worth finding immortality if we loose our humanity in the
> process? An immortal human would surely be a very different creature from
> the ones presently living on this planet.

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