X-Message-Number: 28703
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2006 11:02:23 -0800
From: "Eric Geislinger" <>
Subject: Re: The Fountain, last comments

>From: Francois <>
>Subject: The Fountain, last comments
>I always found it interesting how our view of the world can taint our
>opinions, often without us realizing it. I was expecting The Fountain to
>be a good and thoughful movie, and I wasn't disappointed. Others, as
>exemplified by messages in this forum, expected it to be mere drivel, and
>they too were not disappointed. We all saw the same movie, but all got
>something different from it. Par for the course.

Well, I'm certainly happy that you find my taints interesting, but I
actually went into this thing full of hope. I was still full of hope
after 90% was over. (I cheered internally when he bolted the
bull at the funeral - and when he decided to press on with the
research.) Then came the crap that reversed everything (including
my opinion). At the time, it sure seemed to me that I *was*
disappointed. But maybe you're right - I really had no idea that it was
just my world view twisting my mind. Thanks for the handy tip!

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