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From: whscad1!kqb (Kevin Q Brown +1 201 386 7344)
Subject: CRYONICS T.Bauge Update

You can retrieve the latest (9 KB) update from Trygve Bauge by
sending email to me with the Subject line:
    CRYOMSG 2871.1
He gives more background on his conflict with the I.N.S., which
extends back to 1986, his compliance with Nederland, Colorado building codes,
his contract for Al Campbell, and his plan to return to the U.S. and
upgrade his facility.  (He hopes to bring his lawsuit against Nederland
to court and return to the U.S. via a subpoena to testify in court.)
As he worded it:
  "The town trustees passed an ordinance banning cryonics in mid May of this
   year but my operation is grand-fathered in."
This means that Trygve's grandfather, Bredo Morstoel, isn't in danger of
being thawed out.

                              Kevin Q. Brown

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