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From: Trygve Bauge <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 1994 03:02:15 GMT
Subject: CRYONICS, Boulder status

Latest on the Rocky Mountain Life Extension Center.

I have been in litigation with the Immigration and Naturalization Service 
(I.N.S.) since an illegal arrest back in 1986. I was in the process of 
appealing my case to the U.S. supreme court when the I.N.S. illegally issued 
a deportation order in violation of my appeals rights, and de facto drove me 
from my house and archive and computer system, greatly hampering my appeal 
process and other ventures.

I had expected to be at least a few more years in litigation and protected by
an automatic stay of deportation, when the I.N.S. transgressed their powers 
and screwed up my life. My plans where to show some value by completing the 
fire-proof, storm-proof and earthquake-proof house and get the life extension
center up and running and then timely organize and beat the I.N.S. 
politically. By creating value and publicizing this, I hoped that the press 
and the population would discover my value creation, recognize it as good and
conclude that the I.N.S. is completly off its rocker in harassing me. 
The I.N.S. on the other hand decided not to play by the rules of due process. 

I had checked with the local planing commission, complied with the local 
zoning code, which permits both religious ventures and home businesses,
and at the time didn't regulate cryonics at all. I even had my temporary
storage sheds orally o.k.ed by the local building inspector.  Every step of 
my facility's progress was documented in the cryonic trade journal the 
Immortalist and also provided to the main news outlets in Colorado.

Quite frankly I did not foresee the sudden attack
from the I.N.S. or from the town trustees, nor the illegal treatment I 
received from the I.N.S. after they picked me up. The I.N.S. prevented me 
from contacting the court for a writ of habeas corpus or an injunction and
stay of their illegal deportation order. I even pleaded with the I.N.S. to 
let me make a phone call so that I could arrange for dry ice to be added as 
scheduled. The I.N.S refused to let me make any calls for 2 days or until 
1/2 an hour before they put me on a plane, and even then they insisted on 
making it for me. The I.N.S. deliberatly lied to my friends and the press 
telling the latter that I didn't want to speak to anyone, and then forcefully
carried me on board a plane. Hijacking is what it was!

I don't know if the I.N.S. contacted the local sheriff and townhall or not,
but when I got kicked out of the country the town hall jumped on the
opportunity to kick my mother out of our unfinished house, and to try to
shut down my cryonic facility.

I immidiately caled the press from Oslo Norway, stopped the townhall dead in 
its tracks and am now gradually gearing up to fight off the I.N.S.

The city of Nederland Colorado has since offered to back off and let my 
grand father stay, if I would promise not to bring in more bodies.
I turned down the offer, and am instead fighting for my right to
develop my life extension center.

My grand father is still on dry ice, in the dry ice box
in the storage shed at our mountain property.

The plan is to fight off the town trustees and the I.N.S., 
return to Boulder, upgrade to electric freezers and liquid nitrogen.
And offer both rejuvenating routines and cryonic suspensions,
and I hope to find more people willing to work with me on this.

My plans are still to offer annual hands on classes in how to build
fire proof and storm proof houses something that is always
needed in the dry West and the hurricane belt respectively.

I had also scheduled a hands on class in livable affordable survival
of nuclear war for the 6th of August. 

Too bad the I.N.S. still doesn't want me to offer any of these services 
in the United States.

My back up plan is to work with Norwegian shipping companies
to develop a floating life extension center in International waters,
free from all government intervention.

The town trustees passed an ordinance banning cryonics in mid May of this year
but my operation is grand-fathered in.
They are now trying to get me on a trumped up ban on metal sheds that they
apparently added last year, in spite of their own building inspector having 
O.K.ed the sheds I built. We might have to move my grandfather into the 
concrete facility, or into one of the wood sheds, or replace the metal shed 
with a concrete storage area, which was the plan all along.

No court date has yet been set. The town doesn't seem too eager to proceed.
If they procecute I will be subpoenad, which is an easy way of getting back,
the alternative is a more cumbersome political battle. 

We are still working on getting an initiative together
to overturn the town trustees' ban on cryonics.
A local poll of 100 people show that 68 percent support what I am doing
while 30 percent support the town trustees.

I hope to be back in Colorado within 1/2 a year,
in the meantime Walter and Jerry are maintaining the dry ice.

David Tate has not yet returned any of the messages I left for him
back in May. I have not been able to confirm what has happened to Al Campbell
after David had him shipped back to Chicago in dry ice. Our contract called 
for full disclosure of all details to the press as a condition for me taking 
on Al in the first place. David assured me that he was the sole legal guardian
of Al, and that the family had given him full control of the body. Based on
the above contract and assurances all pertinent details where released to the 
local media just after we received Al back in February. I also mailed a copy 
of the press release and contract to selected cryonic contacts.

The press sat on the story until I.N.S. and the local town trustees suddenly, 
surprisingly and illegally tried to shut me down in May. I have been fully 
open with the press and have received most of my support from the media and 
my polar bear clu 
of the press release and contract to selected cryonic contacts.

The press sat on the story until I.N.S. and the local town trustees suddenly, 
surprisingly and illegally tried to shut me down in May. I have been fully 
open with the press and have received most of my support from the media and 
my polar bear club. I credit the press coverage and my friends and assistants
for the fact that my grand father is still frozen. I still think that Al was 
removed prematurely, and that he would have been safe where he was for the 
full six months I had agreed to store him. 

Our contract called for me to maintain Al for six months while David would 

get his own facility up and running. He reserved and exein Colorado. Several 
media outlets are still 
following the case with follow ups everytime something develops.

We also had heavy press coverage back in May when the story first broke.
All in all we got lots of tv and radio coverage, news paper coverage
and magazine coverage, including quite a few front pages. There was 
some international coverage, some national coverage in the United States, 
and blanketing of the press in Colorado and Norway.

With a few minor exceptions the media has been supportive of both cryonics
and my battles.


Assistance is appreciated. If you want to assist in developing or defending 
my Rocky Mountain Life Extension Center or in turning a cruiseship into a 
floating life extension center, research and business park
please contact me in Oslo Norway.

To those who have written to me over the last 6 months at my various 
Colorado addresses: If I have not answered, then it is because
your letter has not yet reached me or is still in Colorado. Please write 
me again at my family's home here in Oslo:

My mailing address is:

Trygve Bauge
Olaf Bull's vei #12
0765 Oslo 

Ph 011-47-22-49-39-08

My email addresses are as follows:

 (My permanent Boulder address, I log on every week
   from whereever else I happen to be including Oslo, Norway)

 (My temporary address while in Oslo, Norway)        

(  another address I check frequently though
 the server is sometimes down.)

I expect to soon have a permanent account on World Wide Web (WWW) too. 

The latest version of my life extension manual and aphorism collection: 
'In defense of life', will be posted to my WWW account.
If you want an electronic copy of the latest version send $5
and your e-mail address to my legal defense fund here in Oslo
care of Trygve Bauge, Olaf Bull's vei #12, 0765 Oslo, Norway.
If you want a paper copy mailed to you please include another $5
for copying, shipping and handling.

The above addresses replaces all previously announced addresses. 
The best anyone can do to assist me in my battles is to put me in touch with
a paying publisher for my book manuscript/article collection.
Sending me $5 for an electronic copy or $10 for a paper copy of my life
extension manual, or any other donation towards my legal costs 
would also be greatly appreciated.

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