X-Message-Number: 28721
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 18:20:21 -0500
From: Francois <>
Subject: Lawrence Oates, good news, bad news

I have been doing a little research on the possibilities of one day bringing 
Lawrence Oated back to life. One bit of good news, the bodies of three other 
members of the expedition, Scott's among them, are also buried in the 
Antarctic ice and should also be recoverable, provided the damaged cause by 
uncontroled freezing did not put them beyond the reach of any technology, no 
matter how advanced

Now for the bad news. The Scott expedition died on the Ross ice shelf, and 
they are buried there. The shelf moves about 500 meters per year toward the 
sea, and the expedition died about 200 km from its edge. This puts a strict 
time limit on the possibilities of reanimation. They have been there for 
almost a century now, which means we have around 300 years left on the 
clock. In fact, we probably have much less than that. The Ross ice shelf 
will be the first part of the Antarctic ice cap to collapse under the 
onslaught of global warming. This will probably happen within a century. 
After that, Oates, Scott and the others will be lost forever.


Good health is merely the slowest
possible rate at which one can die. 

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