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Subject: Re: CryoNet #28715 revival/A.C. Clarke
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 20:50:19 -0500


 Arthur C. Clarke's last words:

People have found themselves in "strange new worlds" throughout human history 
and have learned new languages, skills, and acculturated and made friends and 
new families. 

If culture is advanced enough adaptive learning techniques will ease transition 
if needed or requested. If its not, then I expect it will be like starting 
over... which is what a baby does when it is born.  People I think will still be
people.  And an adult human has a lot more experience and knowledge going for 
it than a baby does.  What is this constant idiotic idea that the future will be
too different?  What, you won't like the food?  The music?  The theater?  Can't
get used to the idea of extreme body modification or other possible future 
technology?  I won't know how to use the phone?  Alien space babies living 
across the street?  What????
okay, rant over.

But seriously, what is this inane concept, Oh no we shouldn't save his life, its
too cruel!
I swear Clarke does this to prig people!
Mike Donahue 

Subject: Re: revival of Captain Oates
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 22:17:46 +1100
In Arthur C. Clarke's novel 'The Songs of Distant Earth', a man is 
accidentally frozen when he is trapped on a block of ice which is being 
lifted from the surface of a planet to form part of the ablation shield for 
a spaceship currently in orbit. The ship's captain explains to the man's 
parents that they should be able to revive him if they can take the body 
with them, using technology that they will be able to deploy on arrival at 
their destination planet in 400 years' time. After thinking it over they 
respond by saying that although the captain means well, it would be no 
kindness to their son, who would find himself in a strange new world and 
unable to return to the one he knew.

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