X-Message-Number: 28726
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 22:15:31 -0700
Subject: Mr. Despres, Please Stop Digging Yourself Deeper

By issuing inflammatory posts irrationally attacking cryonics organizations 
and, indeed, as you did once, cryonics itself, you are just digging 
yourself into a deeper hole which you may never be able to climb out of; 
namely, that of death without cryopreservation services.

Also give up on all the novel ideas to supposedly make cryonics better, 
most of which end up sounding like a way for you to make money off of 
them.  They are so far out of the box that the cat could never aim high 
enough to reach them.  They generally just reinforce the notion that you 
are a lunatic.

Be a good citizen, deal straight with everyone, focus on your own efforts 
and life and keep cryonics out of it, except for simply wanting to be a 
member, and I'll bet Cryonics Institute will reconsider after a reasonable 
time.  They generally seem to be a reasonable organization to me, and your 
attacking them will never get them on your side.

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