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Subject: Re: dollar fears
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 10:33:31 -0000

I would be more concerned about a decline in the global economy, but if
course there is nothing to measure this against. The current "enemy" is
pointless regulation and litigation, making progress slower. Governments are
concerned about unemployment and tend to create jobs (such as regulators,
and compliance officers, and professions to help citizens obey new laws)
that reduce the unemployment figures on paper, but do nothing to add overall
value to the world. Often these people actually reduce value, such as
obstruct stem cell research or make teachers cover unproductive subjects for
the sake of political correctness.

Many years ago, there was a BBC radio comedy series, where one episode had a
dysfunctional headmaster told by the school governors to find a job for his
oldest and unemployed pupil, and also to appoint a careers master. After a
lot of kerfuffle, the show ended with him appointing the useless and
unemployable young man as the careers master, thus solving both problems. If
governments go on behaving like this then the world as a whole has a problem
that will affect all progress, not just cryonics.

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> Just out of curiosity: Have cryonics organizations done anything to
> protect
> themselves financially from a U.S. dollar collapse?
> How Dangerous is the Dollar Drop?
> http://www.spiegel.de/international/spiegel/0%2C1518%2C453906%2C00.html

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