X-Message-Number: 28795
Date: 28 Dec 2006 09:50:59 -0000
From: "Kevin Q. Brown" <>
Subject: Lunatics, sociopaths, and malicious malcontents

In CryoNet message # 27165 I said that the CryoNet rating system:

  "... was designed to discourage disruptors. Getting a
  'reputation too low' is like a public spanking.  It shows that
  the CryoNet readers place little value in what one has to say.
  ...  If and when stronger remedies are needed, then I'll escalate
  as necessary."

While CryoNet periodically has spasms of junk, which eventually dissipate,
now we have one or more disruptors who have proven to be both
persistent and incorrigible.  Gentle persuasion has no lasting power.
Promises made today will be broken tomorrow.

In message # 28769 Kennita Watson requested removal of a person
from "the list of allowed posters to Cryonet".  But the CryoNet
software has no concept of a person; it knows only email addresses
and their associated ratings.  Furthermore, while banning one's
email address from posting would discourage a normal person,
for lunatics, sociopaths, and malicious malcontents that is
no impediment.  It is just too cheap and easy to create a new email
address and start the cycle again.  As with the Hydra, one can chop
off a head only to find that two new ones have grown to replace it.

I have added a band-aid to CryoNet, which will help for awhile.
When postings from an email address earn a reputation less than a
third, the familiar "reputation too low" digest filtering will be
applied.  When the reputation drops to one fifth, the subject line
will be filtered from the digests, too.  (You have seen that already
in the Wed. Dec. 27 digest.)  Furthermore, there is a new "Abuse"
rating, which is far worse than any of the others.

Expect further measures, as they are needed.

  Kevin Q. Brown
   (Include "cryonics" or "CryoNet" in the subject line.)

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