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Subject: Un Person video
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 07:48:53 -0800

If you really wanted to be "Un Person" then why not put up a name that would be 
acceptable.  "Un Person" just draws attention to you.  If you really are under 
some kind of investigation then you should be doing every thing to keep a low 
profile.  You could even ask another person to present your video.

And about your video and the assertion, by some, that you are doing something 
and others are doing nothing is a false direction to take.  A lot of folks have 
put in a lot more than 25 hours of work to promote cryonics.

Like most achievements in the world you put it out there and then everyone else 
just tears it apart.  That's ok because the end result should be a lot better 
than the first effort. Again, ---IF--- you really wanted to put up something 
important to cryonics, you should be asking advise from the folks in the 
business before you present to the general public.   

I have made the comments you asked for, to your personal e-mail and you have 
responded well.

I am doing video evaluation for the Sedona International Film Festival and in 
the past 2 years I have reviewed over 150 videos.  For a variety of reasons, 
most of the videos never made it .  This video, in it's present form, would not 
have made it off the shelf.  I would suggest that you take it off the internet 
until you have fixed the problems. As you have pointed out you will be doing 
more editing. I would hope you pay attention to the suggestions that have been 

If this presentation only took 25 hours, I wonder what it would look like with 
50 hours of work.  How about 200 or 500 hrs of work.  

I like what you have done so far and see an imaginative and creative person 
hiding behind "Un Person".

Let me know if I can be of any help in your future projects.

Billy H. Seidel

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