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Subject: re: video editing software, etc

kennita asked about video editing software. Here is a
list of free video editing software:

from that URL:

Top 7 Free Video Editing Software Products

The video editing software discussed here is free.
However, keep in mind that free software doesn't come
with the same level of support as software you pay
for, and there's no guarantee that it will work as
advertised. It usually is missing some or most of the
features of commercial software. Note that where
iMovie was once the only "free" game in town for Mac
users, Avid's FreeDV now runs on OS X and the newcomer
HyperEngine-AV is also an option.

1) Windows Movie Maker 2
Windows MovieMaker 2 is a capable little editor and
ships free with virtually all new XP computers these
days, with upgrades available on the Microsoft Website
and other addons available as part of the Plus!

///note: I have tried this out. It's already on my PC.

Rather limited. No real zoom. But then again, even
this could crank out viral youth subculture videos
better than anything else we have--which is zero.

2) Apple iMovie'05
Apple iMovie '05 is an excellent (and free) video
editor for the Mac platform, with advanced video
editing features and a lot of addon and plug-in
support. You can find more information about iMovie at
Apple's iLife '05 site. Note that this software is
free only if you buy a new Mac. You can purchase it,
however, if you just want the software.

////note: I have heard good things about this.

3) Avid FreeDV
Avid's free software lets you get in the Avid door for
free. Fairly difficult to use interface, although over
a dozen pretty good tutorials are available from
Avid's website. Originally developed for Windows XP,
FreeDV now runs on Macs on the OS X platform.
Manufacturer's Site

////note: This is the learner's version. The non-free
version is one of the two Big Boys the pros use.

4) Wax 
Wax is a homegrown video editor from Debug Software
that started out as a college project. It's now a
mature piece of software, but it's user interface
leaves A LOT to be desired. However, I have to admit,
it gets the job done. If you are insistent on not
spending money on software, then go download Wax, it
just may work for you.

/////note: never heard of it. But then again, I do not
do video for a living.

5) ddclip Free
DDClip Free is another homegrown video editor, this
one from SoftLab-NSK, a multimedia company
headquartered (apparently) in Russia. Its interface is
a bit difficult and this product is really aimed at
the geeks among us, but it's free and that's the best
thing about it. SL openly admits that this version is
no longer supported and they'd like you to go with one
of their "retail" versions. I didn't download or test
this product, so I can't really comment. Again, let
the buyer beware, and so on.


6) Zwei-Stein
Zwei-Stein 3.01 is a freeware and according to their
Web site, "offers many advanced features unavailable
elsewhere." That may be, but the system is for
technogeeks only. (Sorry ThugsAtBay, but I have to
protect my readers.) If you feel adventurous and you
don't mind getting under the technical hood, this
could be for you. My test drive of the product proved
that it's for real and can do the job. It's just not
all that user friendly.


7) HyperEngine-AV 
HyperEngine-AV from Arboretum is a new product for the
Mac (it runs on OSX) and has an interface that is all
its own. Its drag and drop interface is intuitive and
different. By different, we mean really different:
there are literally no video or audio tracks. There
are, in fact, no tracks at all. It's good to see an
alternative to Apple's iMovie for Mac users. By the
way, HyperEngine-AV sold for about $50 last year.



///end quote///////////

Now, this article does not mention the online editors
at all. 

Also, the ability to do extensive sound editing is
important. The best way to get a viral video into the
youth subculture online is to tap into their music and
work it into videos about cryonics. My video vegas has
a very good capability to do this. Also, there are a
number of free audio editing tools. I used the free
wavepad tool to eliminate the noise background of my
audio voiceover that I created with my $10 mike I had
plugged into my computer....

I have already mentioned photoshop and its free
alternatives. They are really indispensible. Nothing
good free on the PC, but the Mac is probably

Also, another very powerful tool is the flash tools
swishmax and the big one ( I just call it macromedia
flash). Swish is much easier to use. What I am trying
to do with this is to make diagrams that have
moving/active components, such as elements that move
across the screen, arrows that travel from one place
to another on the screen, labeled geometric shapes
that flash different colors, etc. These actions and
events can be rendered by swishmax or flash macromedia
into a short movie in avi video file format, which is
then imported into your video editor and incorporated
into a larger video.

I have made one that has an arrow moving from one
labeled rectangle to another on the screen. I wil post
it to google video later today. Just a proof of
concept thing, not the second coming of Ken Burns....

The good thing about flash movies is that they are a
way of creating completely original content, which is
probably vital to doing what we need to do to
communicate thru video on the net.

Also, in order to better create our own content, a 3d
graphics tool is probably needed. We really need to be
able to create 3d talking faces and put words in their
mouths. A talking face is the most powerful way to

I do not have a such a 3d tool, nor have I ever used
one. ANd they are not easy to learn. There are two or
three such tools that the pros use, and they are
really expensive (maya is one).

There is one good free one--Blender. But it is hard to
learn and does not work on my video card.

I am also posting this messsage in a new thread at
Cold Filter: http://www.network54.com/Forum/291677/

I suggest any comments be posted there, as it makes
from better responses and real time interaction.


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