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Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 14:15:28 -0800 (PST)
From: un person <>
Subject: I have uploaded a new cryonics video to google video

here is the url:

This new video is pretty short and really just a
working out of some techniques using flash. I want to
be able to make cryonics videos that incorporate block
diagrams, geometric shapes, symbols, etc. So I used my
swishmax flash tool to create one such diagram that
has a moving arrow going from one shape to another,

Pretty rough looking video. 

But it is just a prototype/experiment.

Also used three different audio sources from
archive.org (one creative commons licensed
noncommercial-attribution, and the other two public

I also fair-use sampled a couple of seconds of video
of boiling liquid nitrogen that I downloaded from
video.google.org via the www.videodl.org site, which
gave me a .flv file, which I played in my free vlc
player, which also let me save it to an .mpg video
file, which I imported into my vegas video editor,
along with the three audio files I downloaded from
www.archive.org (see above). I also imported the flash
movie with the arrows, which I had rendered from
swishmax as a .swf file. 

That was all the files I used to create that little
musci video. THe titles I used were all created in
vega video.

Took about 6 hours including looking for the music.

I rendered this little video as a .mov quicktime file,
which was a HUGE saving in size. Only about 16 Meg
files, which uploaded to video.google.org very



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