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Subject: Re: cryonics #289 - Re: Legalized Murder and Theft
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Date: Tue, 9 Apr 91 19:59:03 CST
From: Gary D. Kline <uunet!ssi!tao!kline>
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> >From att!usc.edu!more%girtab.usc.edu Sat Apr  6 15:24:26 PST 1991
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> :Subject: Re: cryonics #288 - Re: Legalized Murder and Theft
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>  If we could work out the various
> factors relevant to making a time projection, someone (not me!) might be
> able to put the variable and probabilities into a program which would
> give ranges for answers depending on the assumptions. That might be a
> fun little project for one of you programmers. If you have suggestions
> for what variables to include in the program, let me know. If someone
> actually writes such a program I'd like to publish it in:
> 	EXTROPY: The Journal of Transhumanist Thought.
> Max More.
	Interesting idea.  If you can suggest an outline of this
program, I'd like to consider it.  Specifically, what types of variables
are you considering?  

	Also, tell me more about EXTROPY.  It sounds like an interesting

		--Gary Kline

[ Gary, FYI: Cryonics magazine published, within the past year, two articles
  that estimated the probability of reanimation (rather than the time to
  reanimation).  These articles may help show what variables and computations
  are important as well as how much (un)certainty we have about the results.

  Also, here is the brief description of Extropy from message #286 (Cryonics
  Organization List), with the updated email address:

    Extropy, published by Tom W. Bell and Max More, is a "journal of ideas" on
    a wide variety of topics: life extension, immortalism and cryonics,
    neuroscience, nanotechnology, memetics, and much more.  Each issue has a
    large "Extropian Resources" list of Biostasis Organizations, Other Life
    Extensionists/Immortalists, Extropian Science Fiction, Space, and Misc.
      P.O. Box 77243
      Los Angeles, CA 90007-7243
      (213) 746-5571
      Published twice a year, $3./issue USA, $4.50/issue foreign surface,
        $5./issue foreign air, payable to "Max More"
  - KQB ]

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