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From att!uunet!m2xenix!agora.rain.com!batie Wed Apr 10 10:32:40 1991
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Subject: Re: cryonics #289 - Re: Legalized Murder and Theft
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 91 7:07:44 PDT
From: Alan Batie <>

I don't know if this question is appropriate for this list, so feel free
to just give me your private thoughts, but I'm curious as to whether or
not people in the future will *want* to reanimate anyone, other than to
see if it can be done.  I can think of a couple of possible arguments
against it, mostly based on the postulation that death is a good thing
for the species.
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[ Alan, your question is quite appropriate since cryonic suspension would
  be rather useless if nobody was going to do the reanimation.  The
  Reanimation Foundation (messages #126, #258, and #286) provides a legal
  and monetary mechanism to support your reanimation.  Another organization,
  Lifepact (messages #87 and #286) was created largely to ensure that
  some people of the future would have the motivation to reanimate people in
  suspension.  (Roughly, when a person is reanimated, he or she is responsible
  for the reanimation of another person.)  Also, don't forget the suspension
  organizations themselves.  It is only natural that they get into the
  reanimation business, once the technology of reanimation is achieved.
  I expect that when the costs involved are better understood, the
  suspension fees will also include reanimation fees, too.  Hopefully, those
  people suspended before introduction of reanimation fees will be
  "grandfathered" in at the old rates. - KQB ]

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