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From att!cup.portal.com!Carol_B_Shaw Fri Apr 12 14:55:07 PDT 1991
Subject: Re: cryonics #291 - Motivation for Reanimation
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 91 14:55:07 PDT
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Alan Batie <> writes:

>I don't know if this question is appropriate for this list, so feel free
>to just give me your private thoughts, but I'm curious as to whether or
>not people in the future will *want* to reanimate anyone, other than to
>see if it can be done.  I can think of a couple of possible arguments
>against it, mostly based on the postulation that death is a good thing
>for the species.

KQB gave a good response.  I'd also like to add that people will reanimate 
their friends and relatives who in turn will reanimate more friends and 

			Carol Shaw

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