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Subject: Re: cryonics #290 - Time To Reanimation & Extropy
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 91 15:12:28 PDT
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As soon as time becomes available I'll have a go at listing the variables
and factors to go into a calculation. I will indeed start by looking at
the estimates for the possibility of reanimation.  Robin Hanson has also
suggested an application of his Idea Futures idea (an article on which
is likely to be in the Fall 1991 EXTROPY).
	The info about EXTROPY is now out of date. For a copy of the full
current info, please send me your (non-electronic) address, either to
EXTROPY, PO Box 77243, Los Angeles, CA 90007-0243, or via 
	EXTROPY: The Journal of transhumanist thought is now edited only by
myself (Tom is absorbed entirely by law school). It also costs $4/issue,
having gone up to cut our losses and because of the continuing expansion. #7 
should be ready to mail within two weeks. It is the first of the more journal-
style issues, containing an article on memes and cryonics by Keith Henson and
Arel Lucas, one on spontaneous orders and futurism by me, another on
neurocomputation by Simon! D. Levy, Tom's article on private, non-monopolistic
legal systems, a list of new high-tech futurists terms, and a bunch of reviews,
among other things.
	As soon as I can find out how to upload files on this system I'll
prepare an e-mail version of the full information mailing.
	Max More.

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