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From: David Stodolsky <>
Subject: Re: Reaction to Tiffany Summers
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 20:08:30 +0200

On 6 Aug 2007, at 12:01, David Verbeke wrote:

>>   Yes, we need to insert the idea of cryonics into mainstream  
>> religion.
>> That is where the people are. That is where cryonics should be. A  
>> church
>> with a preacher who incorporates the idea of immortalism and  
>> cryonics into
>> orthodox protestantism is a good start. First, one church, then  
>> another,
>> then another.
>>   Tiffany Summers
> I almost got sick reading this.  Isn't there enough ignorance and  
> idolatry
> in this world miss Summers?  The beautiful thing about cryonics is  
> it's
> rationality.  It's a scientific experiment based on scientific  
> facts and
> hypotheses, and that without promising anything because the outcome  
> is very
> unsure.  Religion is the opposite from all that is rational and  
> scientific,
> and please don't try to tell me otherwise.

Cryonics doesn't offer any near-term activities that can attract  
people and keep them interested. A weekly church meeting where people  
can meet, sing, dance, have a good meal, etc. would keep people  
interested and make it an attractive group to join, not to mention  
that the social support might actually keep people alive longer.

I have repeatedly suggested a rational approach to a church like  
organization on this List. It has typically gotten a positive  
reception, however, nothing has every happened. My attempts to get  
some funding have gotten nowhere.

Cryonics hasn't suffered from having a priest bless a cryostat and it  
is unlikely it would suffer from being integrated with ongoing church  

> Let cryonics just grow as it does now, with people signing up  
> because of an
> individual well overthought choice (and if that means mostly high  
> educated
> people and not the many simple souls, the better for cryonics and  
> the future
> in general), not because a 'cryopriest' promised them eternal life  
> after the
> sacred freezer.

There most likely will be a political/cultural confrontation at some  
point between cryonics and the larger society. Without  numbers and  
political power, cryonics organizations will be wiped out or have to  
move to another country. Any method that can rapidly increase  
membership should be encouraged.


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