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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 10:01:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shannon Vyff <>
Subject: Re: Life Insurance / Rudi 

Hello all,

Rudi is very knowledgeable, quick, good natured and
has decades of experience in the life insurance field.

When I was 25 I shopped around and purchased a
Universal policy for myself and my then
husband--because of my age and health a New York Life
policy was not that expensive and I liked their
stellar reputation.  When I was 29 I purchased three
policies for my children aged 3, 5, and 7 from the
same NYL agent.  

When I re-married at age 31 I wanted to buy a policy
for my 30 year old husband.  I got a quote from my NYL
agent, a local agent who I'd worked with to acquire
insurance for my recently purchased home, and I looked
on-line.  This time, after meeting Rudi, but also
hearing good things about him--I let him give me
quotes too.  I hit him up with tons of questions, all
of which he answered in a timely fashion (I'm sure I
was one of the most consternating customers!)  His
quote was less--but specifically--with what I wanted. 
I purchased the policy for my new husband--and since
I'd checked with Rudi what my kid's prices would be--I
cancled theirs and purchased new ones through Rudi. 

His wife helps him with running his business, the two
of them are very nice, professional and get everything

Go ahead and check with Rudi-- he knows a lot and does
not mind helping you learn more, even if you go with
someone else in the end. :-)

Shannon Vyff / Trice

Health, Happiness, Wisdom & Longevity :-) -- best wishes from...  Austin, Texas

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