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I read the article. Just a few comments/observations that come to mind:

- The article contains a few inaccuracies, e.g. it says that 'Ettinger's 
firm [CI] had the lowest price-$28,000 for "vitrifying" Thorp's head only 
...' CI does not do head-only suspensions.

- It also says that Ted Williams was decapitated even though it goes on to 
say that his body is suspended in liquid nitrogen at Alcor. Why would he 
have been decapitated if he opted for full body suspension?

- As to whether aging is (or can be regarded as) a disease: I note that 
progeria is a disease in which people age very rapidly. I would say that the 
rest of us also have this disease, but in a form in which it progresses much 
more slowly.

- I took up drinking red wine a few months ago. I have heard/read so many 
people claim health benefits for moderate consumption of red wine that I 
think it must be true. 

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