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Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 08:42:31 -0500
Subject: Red wine

Chris Manning wrote:

>   I took up drinking red wine a few months ago. I have heard/read so  
> many people claim health benefits for moderate consumption of red  
> wine that I think it must be true.

   This says more about the popular enthusiasm for red
wine rather than the health benefits. You can get resveratrol
from grape juice, but this is rarely mentioned. To get an
amount of resveratrol to match the amounts in David Sinclair's
overfed mouse experiments you would have to drink 300 glasses
of red wine:


   At the AGE conference last June, an expert in the
field said that resveratrol is only of benefit for
metabolically challenged organisms, such as overfed mice.
A positive benefit shown for the lifespan of short-lived fish
has been shown, however:


   According to an expert quoted by the Life Extension
Foundation, red wine now contains only about one-tenth
the amount of reservatrol as was formerly the case,
because of the use of pesticides.


This makes sense, because reserverol is produced as part of a
plant's chemical defenses.

           -- Ben Best

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