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Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 09:36:49 EST
Subject: Assimilating the flav man, (our final mission) LOL

In a message dated 12/15/2007 5:05:41 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
"FLAV" writes

I  note in the CryoNet queue a fund appeal for the WTA.  Yes, Rudi -  off
topic to cryonics.  But since you brought it up, let's look at it  a
little more closely.  In the first place, what is the money slated  to be
used for?  A magazine, a website, and a road show.  Nothing  of tangible
practical use to anything, including cryonics.  Wouldn't  the money people
contribute be better sent to cryonics organizations that  purport to do
research?  If they got more money, maybe they would get  off their frozen
butts and do some.  Maybe.

Even worse, the  road show will promote Kurzweil's book that supports the
development of  supercomputers to a singularity where all of us will be
assimilated into  these nirvana machines.  A quote from someone's book
review:  "In  his latest, thrilling foray into the future, he envisions an
event, the  singularity, in which technological change becomes so rapid
and so profound  that our bodies and brains will merge with our machines."

Ultimately  this approach to civilization negates any need for cryonics
(other than to  possibly get some people there while it is in
development), and means DEATH  to the human race as we know it. 

Cryonicists who intend to preserve  their brains and bodies for future
reanimation, and who like them pretty  much as they are currently
designed, thank you, should refuse to support,  yea even fight against,
such things as the WTA  supports.

(not voting for Ron Paul,  either)

(end Flav copying...Rudi responding below)
In the vernacular acronym, WTF?
Flav, whoever you are, even in the rarified air of cryonics  weirdness, you 
are representing an extreme, unsupportable, paranoid, fear  mongering position 
here that makes you an outlier among outliers.  
The values of the WTA, and humanism in general, are HIGHLY pro  human, pro 
INDIVIDUAL, and pro cryonics.  As evidenced by their websites,  discussion 
boards, conferences, and numerous individual discussions with  humanists and 
There is also the documentable fact that there is considerable  overlap among 
cryonicists and the transhumanist communities.  (I know this  for a fact 

because I attend both conferences, and have many cryonics clients who  are also
WTA members.  By the way, Flav, these are REAL, fully signed and  funded 

cryonicists, many of whom are doing the heavy lifting of scientific  research in

cryonics.   As opposed to half-butts who anonymously bark  and dilitante around
from the sidelines.)
Have you actually READ Kurzweil's books, by the way?  Or  Drexler's?
Or, for that matter, actually read the WTA or humanist websites you  are so 
certain are a threat to your glorious expression of individual  humanity?  You 
had some kind of similar postings about the Singularity  summit, and similar 
misapprehensions, paranoia, and ravings about this  event.  
Do you ever actually participate or research or read the books you  vilify, 
or just the blurbs?  And, btw, the blurb you quoted does not  remotely support 
your rantings about a transhumanist forced  assimilation.
Relax, Flav.  The Borg doesn't want you.  

It takes all kinds of folks to make a community, and the cryonics  community 
is arguably more diverse than most.  And has it's share of people  espousing 
non-mainstream ideas, which, I hasten to add, is not inherently a bad  thing.
But you, dear Flav, are WAY out there! LOL!  

And I will leave it to the individual reader to decide if a  contribution 
toward  the WTA is helpful and a worthwhile use  of resources or not. 
I think it is. 
 Bill Falloon, one of the smartest cryonicists (and humans) I know  obviously 
thinks enough of this struggling organization to commit $25,000.   And I 

intend to support them as well.  ALONG with supporting cryonics  organizations,
and other charitible groups doing great work.  
 A tiny and nascent group spreading the memes of individual  choices in 
self-enhancement, free speech and self expression, encouraging  rationality in 
public policy, is not a "Borg cube" who is likely to seek you  out, Flav, and 
extend it's evil nanofiber tendrils to your juicy human flesh  while intoning, 
But, as always, the cryonet community thanks you for your vigilance.
Warmly and Professionally Yours, 

PS...happy to see we disagree about Ron Paul as  well.
Rudi Richard Hoffman CFP CLU ChFC

I am proud to support Ron  Paul for President--Google Ron Paul

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