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Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 01:16:52 -0500
Subject: To James Clement: A reply, and a question

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Mr. Clement:  I'm a bit puzzled as to why you wonder how I got the idea
that Kurzweil's book would be promoted by your organization.  It is here,
allegedly in your own words, quoted by Hoffman in CryoNet #30134:  "3)
Student Outreach Road Show....Through members' generous efforts, we will
be offering a special H+ T-shirt for each $100 donation, and autographed
copies of Citizen Cyborg, Ending Aging,  or The Singularity is Near for
$250 donations."

I suppose WTA is not as bad as the SIAI in recklessly promoting the
advent of a Singularity that carries with it the risk of wiping out human
existence, but you did say in your post "The WTA specifically supports
technologies such as biotech, nanotech, cryonics and artificial
intelligence to help individuals achieve longer, healthier, smarter and
happier lives" In my opinion, any organization that promotes AI must
equally promote the development of safeguards against it becoming an
uncontrolled self-developing entity that poses a logical threat to us as
flesh and blood human beings.  And my question is:  What is the WTA
doing/promoting regarding such safeguards, if anything?

I appreciate and respect your personal stated involvement in and
dedication to cryonics.  This, of course, does not necessarily have
anything to do with the WTA itself.  And I still question why anyone
would donate money to what is apparently no more than an idea-marketing
organization, when the funds could be better used by an organization that
is doing actual developmental work/research.  The two main cryonics
organizations, Alcor & CI, are a tad lame in that department, but that
may be partly due to a need of funding that should not be diverted to
organizations that clearly do nothing but promote ideas.

Thanks for posting here.  It's good to air these things out.


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