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Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 00:01:32 -0500
Subject: To Kennita on Future AI and what it may lead to

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I tend to agree with you on the diversity in which future AI will
develop.  However, you overlook the outcome of such development, the
Singularity, which by definition is a point in time when an AI (or yes,
multiple ones working together) "rapidly accelerate technological
progress beyond the capability of human beings to participate
meaningfully in said progress" (a Wikipedia author's wording).

We can speculate that there will probably be wars between sentient
machines, challenging each other on increase in intelligence and

Regardless, we cannot run the risk of whatever machine comes out on top,
being "unfriendly" towards flesh and blood entities.  Well, there are a
few people who would prefer to be uploaded regardless, but they do not
speak for me, nor would I associate with them.

Open source for AI development?  I agree with you there.  All we need is
some company like Micro$oft developing their proprietary AI program that
leads to the Singularity - then we are truly and indeed all done for. 
Legislation for safeguards would also probably not work, as some maniac
somewhere in the world would develop the key to super-AI regardless.  IMO
the only hope for staving off disaster is to promote awareness of the
problem (then hope for the best that people will do the right thing,
ha).  When I see places, yea even the WTA, doing that, I might even

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