X-Message-Number: 30519
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 07:53:51 -0800 (PST)
From: Phil Ossifur <>
Subject: ALCOR DEMOCRACY-- Greg Crouse

Take a look at Greg Crouse's background on Cryonet. 

Crouse posted to Cryonet today on the matter of
democracy at Alcor, along with anonymity. He's against
both. He worked on the WSJ article about post-mortem
trusts for the wealthy in some way, it appears-- and
he appears to be in favor of that. I'm not. I believe
in inergenerational trust. Cryonics needs to develop
the next generation of cryonicists-- the parking of
money in a perp trust is... nsane.

Greg makes no reference to the original alcor bylaws
regarding a Director Electorate-- and leads his
readers to think that enacting this bylaw would lead
to too much work for members-- that a self-electing
board relieves Alcor members of the burden of working
multiple issues. 

This argument is a fallacy because once the Alcor
Director Electorate puts a board member into position,
that board member is the overseer of the those
multiple issues-- not the general membership. 

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