X-Message-Number: 30524
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 03:01:39 -0800 (PST)
From: Phil Ossifur <>
Subject: ALCOR DEMOCRACY-- Keith Henson favors self-electing board

Keith Henson now knows about Alcor's original bylaws
provided for a Director Electorate-- as does everyone
in cryonics who reads CryoNet, Cold Filter, Alcor
United, Imminst.org, and who subscribes to Google
email blog alert under keyword 'cryonics'-- or who
surveys Google blogs under "by relevence' or "by
date'. And yet.... he makes no reference to that 
important piece of Alcor history-- a living history--
that is not gone but that is being hidden-- or
suppressed. My view is that Keith's reasoning on thiis
is specious. But- I'm glad that he has broken the
silence-- along with Greg Crouse. Slowly but surely,
cryos of conscience on both sides of this are
surfacing. Will you? Here's my blog comment on Keith's


Notice the sheer genius reflected in my use of the
alphabetical index, lower down on the page where you
can see a compilation of several comments about Keith
all in one area-- using tags-- the most formidable
tool in the world which the Chinese will never have--
because the Chinese do not have an alphabet. That's
how they ended up with a Communist dicatatorship under
1.4 BILLION people!! So-- let that be our lesson...
that unless you USE the alphabet the way it was
intended-- for alphabetical order-- you might end up
in a dictatorship too. Support Hillary-- for
president-- Support Larouche's HBPA-- the financial
system as we've kinown it is over-- TEOTFSAWKI-- The
next step is EITHER fascism under Bloomberg who is
running a secret campaign-- OR a larouche solution
that will create a new Bretton Woods stability pact
for international exchange of currency starting with
China, Russia, India and the US. Cryonics is about the
FUTURE as well as current issues-- so we MUST
participate in the design of the future-- Man is not a
mere animal. Good government can work-- public credit
is the money system-- NOT monetarism. Save the world--
save cryonics. 

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