X-Message-Number: 30531
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 04:53:40 -0500
From: "Jonathan Despres (Jonano)" <>
Subject: 3 traps of cryonics

3 cryonics traps envisioned by Charles Platt:

Trap #1. "Our organization needs help. If you do your thing instead of
helping us, you will weaken us. If we collapse, you will have nothing.
Therefore, you should NOT COMPETE WITH US." (This seems to be what
Jordan is thinking.) I call this "The Whining Monopoly Scenario" since
the organization seeks to preserve a monopoly of its market segment by
whining about its delicate condition.

Trap #2. "Our organization cares for cryonics patients who must be
protected at all costs. If you criticize our organization or reveal
embarrassing facts, you will empower hostile legislators or others who
will try to shut us down. Therefore, you should say NOTHING NEGATIVE
ABOUT US." I call this "The Perpetual Hostage Scenario," since the
cryonics patients are serving exactly the same role as hostages.

Trap #3. "You'll be dead before you have time to build a new
organization to save yourself." I guess the only answer there would be
to establish your organization as a cult and surround yourself with
young acolytes.

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