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Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 13:56:05 -0800 (PST)
From: Phil Ossifur <>
Subject: MOON HOAX-- Steve Harris thinks Apollo moon landings a hoax

Awhile back on Cold Filter, Harris made an astute
comment-- that nobody else caught and amplified--
except me-- he indicated that the Apollo moon landings
were a hoax. 

The reason this is important for cryonics is that it
involves epistemology-- or how we know things-- If we
as a group of human nerds can't figure out what the
truth is on something like that, how the hell are we
going to work on cryonics-- or anything-- in a
coherent way? 

I follow Larouche's arguments on political philosophy
and economics-- but he claims man landed on the moon
too-- so-- I part ways with him at that point. Why
can't HE figure it out? He's my favorite
epistemologist. Is he part of an even bigger
conspiracy to cover up the hoax? 

9/11 was an inside job and cryos couldn't figure that
out-- for the most part. Larouche's analysis was right
on, there. A french model recently hit the headlines
because she believes 9/11 and Apollo were hoaxes, like
me-- the only other person on Earth I've seen link
these two hoaxes. 

Now we see the Alcor hoax-- similar to the Apollo
hoax-- where we were told for decades that Alcor has a
self-electing board-- when in fact that was not what
the bylaw stated. The board meeting was yesterday and
nobody has appeared here to report on the possibily
tense meeting where Dave Pizer advised Alcor to have
their attorneys on hand. Alcor members are victims, in
a sense, of a giant Alcor hoax on that point! 

Again, it all comes down to how we "know" things. What
does it mean to know something? How do we know things.
On that matter of God-- the question is not "Does God
exist"-- but rather "How would we KNOW if he
existed?". The question you ask is the key to all of
this truth-seeking stuff. 

In cryonics we're dealing with the possibility that we
might do an end run around what's considered
inevitble-- death. So in cryonics, especially, we
should all be concerned about epistemology-- how we
know things and what it means to know something--
since we're really attempting something pretty wild
here. A REAL cryonics movement would have accepted my
analysis and questions as valid-- and so I would say
that what we currently have-- in the USA-- is a fake
cryonics movement. 

There are some real cryonics activities being carried
out-- but the overall curvature of the thing-- my
sense -- is that cryonics advocates are not being
honest with themselves nor true to the essence of what
it means to be truthful. I always like to create a
leaving off point-- so that I can walk away from
cryonics (and stay signed up)-- leaving cryonicists
with something to really think about and do-- that
will shock them into reality-- 

In this case-- I would say-- get Steve Harris to tell
you why the Apollo moon landings were a hoax. That
could be your foot in the door to the future-- because
that door is actually labelled "Truth"-- and if you
walk through it, you'll see other things in cryonics
for the first time, in a new way-- as I have. In the
meantime, here's a pretty good video about Apollo---


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