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From: "Alan Sinclair" <>
Subject: Fw: CryoNet message _not_ queued
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 20:14:53 -0000

 Every day for many weeks there has been unrelenting complaints about Alcor 
board. I am sure by now there has been plenty of time to know how many of 
the 870 plus and growing members are dissatisfied, could Numbers and names 
be listed because I think it may well be very few. I am now very satisfied 
the way the staff and the board are running things, its the best its been in 
the 22 years I have been involved with cryonics, I  hope I am the majority 
that thank everyone at Alcor for there dedication. Who are the people 
queuing up to become board members? how many have put  there names forward 
and how many have been refused? I am sure if people make  it known they 
would like to be on the board, and have already shown there worth they would 
be considered. There have been mistakes made but who knows if a different 
system would have made a difference. How many of the complainers would have 
turned down the Chamberlains a few years ago, Alcors biggest disaster as far 
as I am  concerned but I to thought they were good new when they come back. 
how wrong could I be you see even I have been wrong once.

 Alan S

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