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Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 04:02:03 -0800 (PST)
From: Phil Ossifur <>
Subject: POLL-- Important element of cryonics should be polling

We'll get better at polling as we go along-- it's the
next best thing to voting-- as we can see from the US
election. The networks are forever polling people--
and so should we-- in our cryonics non-community. Here
are the entries in my alphabetical blog for Alcor
democracy that link to polls about this issue...

POLL-- Alcor-- Alcor bylawy discovery reaction (1)
POLL-- Alcor-- Do you regard DPizer as leader of Alcor
democracy push? (1)
POLL-- Alcor-- Is Alcor board doing a good job? (1)
POLL-- Alcor-- Should Alcor change their board
election method to include membership votes? (1)
POLL-- Shannon-- Alcor members vs. Alcor board should
vote for board (1)
POLL-- triper-- term limits (1)
POLL-- Tripper-- Do you agree with Alcor's goals (1)


Some polls have more responses than others-- of
course-- but the general idea is that might be how we
can get something going in terms of a feedback loop
into cryonics.. for the benefit of everyone. Of
course, its unsicentific-- but so what? right now--
it's simply an experiment... a pilot project-- just
like america itself!! 

You didn't know that did you? That America is a pilot
project-- a model for other republican nation states
in the world? It is. STudy your histoyr-- but not any
history. I'll point you in the right direction. And
thanks-- Christian cryonicists-- for your responses--
please post to my blog in the future-- or at least
tell me why you don't do that. 

FD's comments were interesting-- The way forward
however-- is to ignore the cryonics oligarchs and
simply to move forward on polls... and get as many
cryonics people involved in those polls... and link
them from CryoNet-- as you can see I've done here.

Anyone can create a poll question using the numerous
free software out there on the net-- I like
network54.com-- but there are others. Poll results are
anonymous-- they're quick and easy-- and we should
really zero in on this for the entire cryonics
community so that we can figure out who we are
better... and go from there. 

I'd like to see the Cryonics Industry Polling Agency
actually get signed up members-- 1000+ from all orgs--
and from all interested parties who are not even
signed up.. the entire thing would be based on trust
that the signee is being honest-- 

It would EVEN provide good data to an extent for the
orgs themselves and it would educate cryonicist on
issues that they haven't thought about before. I'd
like to run polls that ask if cryos have health
insurance, if they're circumsised, or what they eat
for breakfast and if they eat Life Extension Mix.
There is no end to the possibilities here.... 

It forces all of us to ask questions-- and that in
itself is good training-- we should all be asking
questions anyway... 

We need to become more self reflective-- and deeper
thinking about the place of cryonics in our lives--
and the place of death since cryonics might not work.
The die has been cast over the first and even second
generation cryos. Cryos who are 18-25 looking for more
cohesion than was provided by the 1st and 2nd
generation-- should consider me to be a leading light
on this, even though I'm 50-- I'm obviously more open
and talkative than a lot of others-- who have
basically gone underground-- and into private cliques
via private email groups. 

Cryonics is a big idea and we should open up a bit--
polls are a great way to help people do that. It
impinges on our propensity for multiple choice
questions in school-- and it's used by political media
all the time. We're all familiar with how it works--
and it can be totally indpendent of the cryonics orgs

Have i made my case?

      Be a better friend, newshound, and 

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