X-Message-Number: 30586
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 08:18:25 -0800 (PST)
From: Phil Ossifur <>
Subject: TAX TIME-- OH holy money! Money-Lu-Lia!!! 

The Church of Money-- which consitutes a religion-- by
all MY standards of religion-- is coming again to the
annual ritual of TAX DAY when we REJOICE in the Joy of
Money-- which is the Highest Joy on EArth for all of
us. We know who we ARE through our MONEY-- The Deep
Pockets and the Poor People are catagoriecally
separate even in cryonics-- the Holy 501c3 TAx Shelter
and the IRA tax shelters-- the very archane methods of
working with money only known to a few-- like that guy
in cryonics who houses in captial in SHELL
companies... Saul Kent, the Cryonics Money Pope--
silent like the Catholic Pope-- leads our Cryonics
Money Church-- and secret board meetings at Alcor,
like the ritual meetings in the bowells of the
Catholic Church, constitute the Holy Rites and Rules--
that Supercede the Bylaws of the PESKY members- the
Underlings who are mere minions. More...


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